Jochem van Kapel introduced me to the language PHP. With guidance from my assigner and help from a classmate I have made a database that can be brought up through the Internet. This I did ones more for the creation of an online blog.

The final result of the assignment was a website after our own ideas. After consideration with the assigner I choose to do a more simple and realistic version of my first idea. I wanted to make a mobile website for tourists. This website reacts on your location and offers you information on the nearest sight or activity. I ran some thoughts on the layout and possibilities for this concept. This idea is expected to work since there is little competition and it could be made for many places in many languages. This actual prototype however did not get finished.  I have been unavailable the first week, because of illness. The second week I started catching up, but never found the time to complete my deliverable. 


The Internet Playground