For the third time since the start of my study I attended Calculus. This Basic course is offered to all the students of the Technical University of Eindhoven. During this course I have had contact with a personal tutor and made homework to finally make the exam. I did not pass my exam, this means I will do my fourth attempt on the 25th of January. 



As described in my Personal Development Plan, I wanted to develop my reflecting skills. After I got a Hold for the past semester I concluded that this is a point for me to work on. Spread over the semester I have searched and tried different methods of reflecting. Using different brainstorm techniques, structures and writing styles, I wrote two reflections about assignments, the general reflection on the project and my showcase.

Working on myself
Because of struggles on my motivation, but also on other aspects of my life, I decided to try to develop myself also in this area. Since these subjects had a negative influence on my study and designing, I find them worthy to mention in my showcase. I will not discuss this in detail, but am willing to explain myself, if necessary in the assessor meeting. By working on my personal attitude and situation, I hope to become a more stable student and make it easier for myself to also improve my professional attitude.

Other Activities