Welcome to the showcase of Celeste Dorigo. Another semester went by and I headed for ‘Awareness’. On this website you will find who I am, what I do and what development I have made in the past half year.


Before you read my story I will tell you it was a challenging semester. In September I came back to the university with mixed feelings. I was not sure if this study was the right one for me. Despite my doubts I decided to pick a short term goal over a long term goal. I was determined to give my best shot at the second try on my B1.2 semester in order to pass for my Propedeuse. Ever since that time I have had some struggles with my motivation, which had its influence on my development as a designer. I have had more contact with the study advisor than I would have wanted to and not every learning activity resulted as expected.


About my showcase

Last semester I received a hold verdict for my B1.2 Block. Reflecting on the assessment feedback I thnk that two aspects contributed to this: my reflection skillsand showcase; in other words, the elements that help me present myself and my learning experiences. For the current showcase I have therefore focussed on improving both structure and content. My previous showcase was complex and a clutter, this one has a clear story. I used post-its and my windows to create an overview of what I did, what I learned and the relations in between (picture). These insights have led to the following organisation of my showcase. At the ‘Activities’ I introduce everything I have done the past semester. Reflections on these activities are all integrated in ‘Development’. I tried to work with a clear build up from general to detailed and to not give an overload on information.